Hand-blown, glass art cremation urns







1.       Should I worry about an urn made from glass?

No. Glass is no more breakable than ceramic, wood, fiber or many marbles. It will not fade or crack over time due to weather conditions. Early Romans often placed cremated remains in glass containers and they placed them in Columbariums.  Most of the glass artifacts from the Roman times have been dug up in these old burial sites.


2.       What if two people want to share the same urn.

This is done all the time. The urn must be approximately 400 – 600 cubic inches.


3.       What if my family wants to share the remains?

Then a keepsake urn will do. These are smaller urns designed to hold only a partial amount of the remains. They can hold anywhere from a few ounces to over 100 cubic inches.


4.       What if I want to scatter the remains?

If the end result is to scatter the remains make sure to let your funeral director know so he does not permanently attach the lid.


5.       What are the options for storing an urn?

There are several options for urn storage. First, an urn can be brought home and stored there.  Most cemeteries have niches called Columbariums. These can be located either in doors or out. They also come in sizes that can hold from one to four sets of remains. If purchasing a columbarium for storage, make sure that the urn you purchase will fit into it as dimensions can vary.  Urns can also be buried.


6.       What size of urn do I need for one set of remains?

A full size urn designed to hold one persons remains should be between 200 – 300 cubic inches.


7.       Can the urns be engraved?

Yes. But since these urns are actually works of art it seems like a shame to engrave them. We suggest the placement of a stand alone name plate. All important information can be engraved on this. It is most attractive to display your urn in this manner.


8.       How do I get the remains into the urn?

Some families choose to transfer the remains themselves. We recommend that you contact your local Funeral professional and have them do it. They are better suited to the job and you save yourself from any sort of emotional upset as well.


9.       What is a good rule of thumb for choosing the correct size of urn?

A rule of thumb is one cubic inch for every pound of weight. It is all based on the density of the bones of the person who has been cremated. A young vigorous man will have more remains than an older woman with osteoporosis. This rule of thumb is also valid when purchasing an urn for a pet.


10.   How do I permanently seal the urn?

If you want to have it sealed at the Funeral home tell your director. He will use a clear silicone caulking commonly found in any hardware store.


11.   What about earthquakes?

We recommend using Museum Gel or Museum Putty. Follow the directions on the package. It is suitable for use at home or at the cemetery niche. It has plenty of holding power but can also be easily removed if desired. Most museums around the country use a product like this to help secure objects. It is not 100% successful but it will give you a very good sense of safety.


12.   How do I clean my urn?

You clean it like any other piece of glass you might own. Windex and a towel.


13.   Is there any guarantee with the urn?

We guarantee our urns to be without defects when they arrive to you. If they arrived damaged contact us within 48 hours of receipt. We will make arrangements to have it picked up and replaced, at our expense.


14.   What if I don’t like my urn once I receive it?

The last thing we want is for you to have a final resting place for a loved one you do not like. Contact us within 48 hours and let us know that you will be returning the urn. You will then have to place it back into the original packaging and ship it back, at your expense, to us.


15.   What if I want an urn just like the one I got for???

Some couples like the idea of having matching urns instead of one larger urn for both. If that is the case, it is best to order the pair at the same time. All urns are made by hand. As with any form of art there will always be some slight differences in color, etc. If they are both made at the same time there is a greater likelihood that the colors will totally match in shades. If not, a slight variance is possible but we will work with you for the best matchup possible.






Roman Blown Glass Cremation Urns. 

Arles, France 

circa 200 A.D.






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